Why everyone say’s “Dress up like Spiderman and clean high-rise windows.

Why does every one suggest that A to Z cleaning clean high rise windows dressed in a Spiderman costume?

You know I think deep down we all want to put on a costume (underwear on the outside) and do something dangerous. Living vicariously through other people with no risk, yet nice little reward.

Maybe they just want to know a super hero.

Window cleaning is serious business, so at first I think “Don’t you take me serious Dad”

Its always your dad that comes up with it first.

“You know what you should do” says dad after hearing you do high rise window cleaning.

I would do it but then I think will I fit in a Spiderman suit or will I look like this guy.

Spiderman ( spanish version )

"It fit when I was 10"

May be it will look a little better. My friends all say you should do the spider man thing and you have to say;

“Wow I never thought Capsiplex of that, thats has to be the most original idea ever and I mean ever . Never before time has there anything been more original.”

To all my friends that can get sarcasm I am so sorry. To those who can not get sarcasm, this is sarcasm.

I mean thats why I do high rise window cleaning. @My job I can dress up like Spiderman or any super hero and its okay. Can you say the same for your job? so its me and  Tobey Maguire that get to do that “sweet“.

I do like to hear it every now and again “have you ever thought of ……..”

Also waiting for the CIA to call and use me to bug an office from the outside. That one never gets old, and just to be extra critical  Spiderman doesn’t use ropes , now Batman thats a guy that would do some window cleaning even in Pittsburgh.

Top 5 questions when hiring a highrise window cleaning company.

When we look out the window and see well dirt.

Dirty window with a blind

Don't keep looking out this window!

That’s when you know its time to have the windows cleaned. The task of finding the right company is not always straight forward.

5. Make sure they are insured. Pretty basic almost doesn’t need to be mentioned. With in high rise window cleaning there is no licence required to start. Insurance is a must have for any high rise window cleaning company for your protection. Make sure they fax email a copy of their coi .

4 How do they perform the task of getting to the glass. Cleaning the glass is pretty straight forward . Using ropes and bosuns chair or a tracktel swing stage. The level Intivar of experience and expertise. Ask what kind of knot do you use?Figure eight knote

3. Ask for a fall safety plan. It’s not just a good thing, it is the difference between a professional and a johnny come lately window cleaner . Ask what standard do they follow practice.

2. How many guys will be on site? At-least two , for safety reasons you need one guy to manage the roof work . If there is an accident the other can preform a rescue. Min of two guys.

1. How much should getting windows cleaned? Now this is a hard one most building are not the same.  A lot of factors go into the price of cleaning windows. How many floors how many windows drops , ease of hook points and the difficulty of the rigging required.