About A to Z window cleaning

A to Z window cleaning

We have been in the window cleaning business since 2003 in the Pittsburgh area. Our team is made up of hard working and detail oriented people.  We love what we do and do it with pride. From the 25 story building full of windows you work in, to the antique chandelier that lights the dining room. We provide uniformed staff ,trained cleaning technicians and all within your budget. A to Z Cleaning is a full range of cleaning services, our specialty is High rise window cleaning to pressure washing. We may not be the cheapest, we are not the most expensive, we have the best value. We strive for excellence; our customers speak for us when 80% of our business comes from referrals. We do quality work at a fair price. You can get someone to do it cheaper, but it’s going to cost you. You get what you pay for. Then you call us. Cleaning services without any hassle what is that worth? Is it worth paying a few extra dollars to get exactly what you want? The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a low bid is forgotten.  I am not saying our prices are high, I am saying you’re getting more for your dollar. If you’re concerned about cost as much as quality I present A to Z Cleaning. We would love the opportunity to win your business. Cleaning services with no hassle that is what  A to Z wants to provide to you .

We work hard and do the job right!

high rise window cleaners
Just cleaning the windows 14 stories up.
Located south of Pittsburgh, with a heart for steel we love this town and all its glory. We are American , we are unabashed about that we strive to go above not just the best practices in our industry with safety but in our service to you the customer. We do more and are better than the run of the mill johnny come lately. Hiring us as your window cleaner will be an easy one that you will not have to be concerned about till the contract comes up for re-bid but that’s just a formality you’re going to keep us.