Southpointe Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in Canonsburg well Southpointe which is really in Cecil but its still 15317, Can be kinda confusing.Then there is phase II of Southpointe what is it called Southpointe II, not the most original name but not the worst. So that’s Southpointe a business park, golf coarse.

Most of the buildings are placed perfectly in site of the fare way , I wonder if what the affect on productivity is with a golfer in view of your desk. But who could say that its not a motivator.

A to Z cleaning takes pride in cleaning windows for theses buildings. Cleaning buildings smaller than 7 stories and taller than 3 has its own challenges for most window cleaners. With no roof access or no flat roof, theses types of buildings require lift experience and that is not an easy skill to acquire.

Even the most experienced lift operator will tell you things can still go wrong in the best of circumstances. Having a plan and how your going to do the job takes a lot of the risk out of the equation.We create  a detailed plan made on each building and how it will be cleaned.

Cleaning windows with a vp-rx yorum lift can be very dangerous, a lot of hazards are present but are unseen. I believe the first rule about having the windows cleaned by a boom lift is the equipment itself.

A good rental company will have maintained the equipment and also make great consultants when selecting the right lift for the job. We use NES from Butler,  we have a great relationship with them It makes us more compditive to have them on our team and that’s important .

The buildings in Southpointe are almost all done with a lift with a few exceptions. With the work being done with a 100′ JLG lift you need to make sure that the window cleaner can do it safe.

A to Z cleaning, cleaning windows for Cal building using a 60′ jlg lift and doing the windows on the left side , you have cars and pedestrians getting as close as they can. With access to the sides of the building only by lift  having the right window cleaner is not only smart, its necessary.

If you have a building in Southpointe , Canonsburg 15317 let us give you a quote.